Emily O’Connor

 (972) 322-7052 | emilyoconnor.art@gmail.com 

Instagram: @emilyoco_art


University of North Texas — BFA in New Media Art — December 2018


Audiovisual projections
Digital fabrication (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC routing, plasma cutting)

Exhibition History:

2019 Rosegarden Funeral Party, Topographies, Antigua, Mr. Breakfast (live visuals), Andy’s Bar, Denton, TX

2019 Chew, Trauma Ray, Doomfall, Maestro Maya (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2019 Bloom, Andy’s Basement, Denton, TX

2019 AFTV b2b Nancy, Andy’s Basement, Denton, TX

2018 Full Harvest at Gardenblock, University of North Texas Art Bldg, Denton, TX

2018                “This is _____”, Denton Confederate Monument, Denton, TX

2018                Temporary Art Proposal Exhibition, Dennison Public Library, Dennison, TX

2018                “Tap, Tap”, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

2018                Backyard Block Party 2, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2018                Temple, J&J’s Pizza, Denton, TX

2018                Dezorah, Felt and Fur, Sunbuzzed, Springtime and the Changes (live visuals), Denton, TX

2018                Honey and Salt, Fun Button, Maestro Maya, Ladybug (live visuals), Denton, TX

2018                DAMN: Dallas Ambient Music Nights XXXI, Texas Theatre, Dallas, TX

2018                Hour to Sundown,UNT On The Square, Denton, TX

2018                It’s The Witching Hour, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2018                Paisley Maze, Deep Ellum Art Co., Dallas, TX

2018                Acid Koolaid Festival, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2018                Paraphrenia, Studio E, Denton, TX

2018                Trai Bo, Fun Button, Whit, Native Fox (live visuals), Double Wide, Dallas, TX

2018                Denton County Friends of the Family Fundraiser, Haunted Hovel, Denton, TX

2018                Laconic Sound’s Valentines Night, Done Right (live visuals & stage design), The Curtain Club, Dallas, TX

2018                Dome Dwellers, Ballerino, Mockingbird Brother, Seafire (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2018                KUZU: Dimensions, Andy’s Bar, Denton, TX

2018                Slumber Party, Game Changers, Denton, TX (curated by Beth Yturri)

2017                New Year, Who Dis?(live visuals)Andy’s Bar, Denton, TX

2017                Mutually Exclusive: An Exhibition of Hybrid Forms, Voertman’s Gallery, Denton, TX

2017                Fun Button, Glaze, Rei Clone, Teenage Sexx (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Backyard Block Party, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Sunbuzzed Album Release (live visuals), Andy’s Bar, Denton, TX

2017                Colere Vol. 5 (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Blendways, Jerkagram, Eerily Similar Beings (live visuals), The Nebulae, Denton, TX

2017                Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Fogg, Mother Tongues, Acid Carousel, Thin Skin (live visuals), Rayzor House, Denton, TX

2017                Nightmare on Bell St, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Bangarang (live visuals), Harvest House, Denton, TX

2017                HANK & Cupcakes, Fun Button, Supermook, Longorio (live visuals), Armoury, DE, Dallas, TX

2017                Pearl Earl, Supersonic Lips, Joe Gorgeous, Loafers, Bangarang (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Laganja Estranja Ft. Denton Drag Queens (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Fun Button, MNKR, Springtime & the Changes, Goldenjoy (live visuals), Harvest House, Denton, TX

2017                Seafire, Sagacious Zoo, Fun Button (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Acid Koolaid Festival, Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Domedwellers, Sunbuzzed (live visuals), Backyard on Bell, Denton, TX

2017                Delia Haunt, Madeline Crisman, Lance Bangs, Crumb, Dead Sullivan (live visuals), The Bean Cave, Denton, TX

2017                Alt_Media, Lightwell Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX

2017                Domedwellers, Honey and Salt, Fun Button (live visuals), Andy’s Bar, Denton, TX

2016                One Process, Infinite Solutions, Voertman’s Gallery, Denton, TX

Awards and Grants:

2019 Denton Art and Music Award-Best Visual Artist

2018                Denton Art and Music Award-Best Visual Artist

2018                Denton Art and Music Award-Best Mixed Media Artist

2017-2018       UNT Tuition Grant 

2016-2018       UNT Scholarship for Continuing Students

2015-2016       UNT Transfer Scholarship

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Affiliations and Memberships

Former member of Rotsnaze Collective
Established January 2018