Dwellings. 2018. Installation.
Paper mâché and projection mapping.

Tap, Tap. 2018. Audio-reactive projection installation.

This is _____. A projection mapping on the Confederate Monument in Denton, TX.

Read the article about the piece by Denton Record Chronicle.

Stage Design for Backyard Block Party 2. 2018. Collaboration with Lauren Shilling.

Prismatic. 2018. Projection mapping on masonite boxes with reflective sides.

Mapped. 2018. Projection mapping on insulation foam. 

Letting the Light Back in. 2018. Video documentation of installation.

Stage commission for Backyard Block Party. 2017. Live visual projections by me. Done in collaboration with Lauren Shilling.

(Photo by Ellie Alonzo)

Bubblegum Playthings. 2017. Video documentation of sound interactive installation. 

Mirrored Sky. 2017. Site-specific installation using mirrors.

Levels. 2016. Video documentation of installation. 

Reflections. 2016. Video documentation of installation.